Hush now little Sally
Baby, close your eyes
Sweet dreams honey
Don?t you worry tonight
He?s yearning for the city
Be gone for a while
He won?t be back until the morning
It?s gonna be one of those nights

Sleep tight little Sally
There?s a sky full of stars
Shining for you, honey
One day you?ll go that far
Get to thinking, maybe
The wounds and the scars
Will wear off one day
It?s just a matter of time

On and on you wonder, if there?s someone above
Why doesn?t he hear me,
don?t I pray hard enough?
On and on you wonder, if this madness will stop
Some ain?t got it easy, some got it tough

Hush now little Sally
Close your angel eyes
A special lady
Will make the most of her life
Your skirts may be shabby
But girl with one of them smiles
You?ll lead an honest man astray
And make him wanna cry

Watch out little Sally
The old man?s messin? tonight
They?re yelling down the alley
Better turn on that porchlight
Lost all of the money
Down by the quayside
He?s gambled all your dreams away
All you?ve got left is you pride


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