The Gambler

The Gambler

  Yeah.. welcome.. yeah.. huh.. there’s plenty of room for everybody man..
  yeah.. bangin.. come on.. yeah.. look..
  Huh, Stay in my lane like a hustla
  Never hate a motherfucker,tolerate a motherfucker
  To a certain extent
  When it’s on, it’s over
  Don’t get no chance to get popping
  Forgotten about you before your body cold in a coffin
  Just another failed attempt, you fall through the cracks
  Sure as God made man, the first man was Black
  The Black man made pyramids and gangsta rap
  That’s all I know, cuz poppa didn’t raise no rats
  Face the facts not the fiction
  I Build my empire from a pocket full of stones
  And a fifth of ambition
  Niggas wanna ball but they never wanna listen
  so instead of coming up, they just, come up missin
  My mission is to hit with precision, shake whole continents
  Crush niggas’ confidence, expose my dominance
  Without no conflict, you’ll never have progress
  I’m sending this one out to all the neighborhoods and projects, I’m a
  [Chorus – A.H. singing (Xzibit)]
  One shot gambler (Yeah) Two shot gambler (Come on)
  Three-time felon with that itch for dough
  These madd street (Whuttup) Got me puffin on dro’
  I’m guilty (What) Tryna make a living (Work it)
  Thirty-eight albums and still no dollars (Come on)
  And you wanna know why I hit the block for mo’? (Yeah)
  These madd street (Uh) Got me puffin on dro’ (Uh)
  I’m guilty .. For tryna make a living
  Bitch I ain’t tryna holler at you (nah)
  I’m just wanna drink, smoke, fuck and toss a couple dollars at you
  I’m fightin dirty, I’ll take thirty of you motherfuckers
  I’m throwing cheapshots, low-blows and suckerpunches
  I’m not for the games, I’m not in the mood
  Not to be confused with dudes that fumble and lose
  Xzibit move when I hear oppurtunity knockin
  But I’ma shoot straight through the door if you comin with problems
  It’s too crowded at the bottom, too lonely at the top
  Ain’t no inbetween, trust me, like it or not
  We gon’ be here forever like cops and roaches
  Do not approach us, ferocious, we pop them toasters, nigga
  [Interlude – A.H. (X)]
  I’ma have to hit the block, then around to my hoes
  I got a haze, two trays, and a change of clothes, cuz
  Pimpin’ ain’t easy y’all,it’s too sleazy
  Too greasy, and I can’t take it easy!
  Everytime I try to get out
  I get dragged right the fuck back in, it’s like I’m never gon’ win
  Nigga got the whole world on his back
  Overeact, matter fact we act like when animals attack
  I know, pussy sells faster than crack, ambassador rap
  Twist back your salary cap, who fuckin with that?
  Welcome to the X games, enjoy my pain
  Inhale my smoke, it’s hard not to cough or choke
  Motorola nigga up the old fashion way
  This ain’t rap, this is shit that I was born to say
  Though lately I been having dillemas, with insignificant niggas
  And half-ass rappers that think they can get it
  We the Golden State, we keep the whole thing bouncing
  Y’all move units, we move mountains
  Y’all rap for bullshit, tryna be on T.V.
  We seen you, now we don’t like Chandra Levy, I’ma


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